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About SBC

       Shenzhen SBC Photoelectricity Co. Ltd. is a custom LED display manufacturer established in 2004 and over the next decade has grown into a recognized leading manufacturer of custom led screens. It was set up by a group of dedicated like-minded people to achieve their common mission to –"Stand tall in the ‘Made in China’ LED display industry field”.


       SBC has dedicated itself to delivering superior-quality, high-performance LED video wall products and practical solutions worldwide. Our product ranges cover indoor, outdoor, fixed installation, rental and advertising applications. We have proudly been able to offer our products to studios, theaters, stages, concerts, tours, stadiums and etc. All products are designed and engineered in SBC’s facility located in Shenzhen, China. With the leading technologies, user-friendly features, personalized designs and diversified solutions, SBC LED displays have earned for themselves global trust and worldwide praise. Our displays have been used in over 116 countries and regions of the world since we commenced international trade in 2004.


       We at SBC excel in the development and execution of clearly developed strategies and continuous innovation based on customer demands. "Stability, trust, efficiency and customization" has become SBC’s core brand value, and we have spread this philosophy throughout the world, both rapidly and powerfully. Don’t forget whenever you require to Customize Your Needs, Of Course SBC!!


       We believe our experience with custom LED screens will make your every event a success.


       When it’s time for your next jobs, let us customize for you.

Service of SBC
Service creats value,simplicity,quickness is our highest sevice target.

Company's value of SBC
Use specialty wins trust,use excellence wins devoir.

Technique index of SBC
Global eyeshot,continual innovation,fast and highly effective active.


Vision of SBC
We exhibit the stunning stage of vision to more and more people.

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