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SBC Customized 642.25m2 P16 HD Advertising LED Screen for Moscow Airport

2019/03/22 18:45
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The screen installed at Moscow's international airport, customer set high requirements to put the screen into a landmark. SBC went twice to the field for investigation to know the installation environment and the key point as well as difficulties of LED display customization.

SBC people were braved the cold weather and worked day and night to ensure the delivery date.

Winter Moscow is below - 20 ℃. As the first brand of "customization", SBC choose high quality raw materials and customized design proposal. Also, SBC changed the conventional production process to best meet customer’s needs.

Installation was almost done. Victory lay ahead.

Time is money for advertising clients. SBC people finished the installation within two days and nights.

This is SBC people’s speed.

The perfect display effect will help clients get money roll in definitely.

After lighting up, its clear & bright images, soft and beautiful pictures, stable & smooth performance and excellent visual effects, were highly praised by clients. Customer said’ SBC is his wisest choice’

SBC people still care most: Customize your needs, of course SBC.

Notes: The end customer from the Russian side began to contact us as early as back to February 2016. However, there were more than 20 large-scale LED display companies involving in this bidding. The competition was extremely fierce. After nearly a year of global study and sample comparison, the end customer selected three companies as its finalists, one was a well-known Belgian company, and the other two were SBC and a company in Shenzhen. In spite of enormous pressure, SBC eventually stood out from the competitors and won the bidding with its rich experiences in huge projects engineering and excellent "custom-made" ability. 【Customize your needs, of course SBC】

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